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Farm to Fork with Skinner Farms

We were so honored over the summer to work with our friends over at skinner farms to create a locally sourced feast all starting with products from their farm.

It was truly a celebration of local food, drink and the farmers that helped bring it to the table. The gathering was held in Shelbyville, ky at the Skinner farms family home under a big white tent with two very large tables lined with hay bales. Even in June we were fortunate enough to have a cool summers breeze that night, while a local blue grass band played in the background.

In honor of the venue our menu sourced all our food within a 50 mile radius of the farm, highlighting family favorite recipes from the Skinners. If you were lucky enough to attend and got to try Dan's moms homemade strawberry pie, you're one of the lucky ones! I am still dreaming about it.

I spent years trying to talk Amy and Dan into having a dinner on there farm, and I'm so glad we got to make it happen. The joy on peoples faces as they talked to there neighbors and enjoyed the amazing food straight from the land they were eating on was everything. Its what makes the hard work you do to create that meal completely worth it. Im so happy the skinners took this chance on me and can't wait till we get to do it again! In the mean time check out the Skinner farms website for all their yummy products.

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