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Meet our Farmers: Koza Farms

Alright guys Im going to be honest, Im a little partial to this farm......... Because one of the owners is my MOM! Want to talk about one hard working lady, with A LOT of help from my dad too. My mom has always talked about wanting horses and land one day. And within the last couple of years my parents have worked really hard to amke that dream come true! And with that comes all of our eggs we use to bake all the goodies you love.

On top of providing us weekly with farm fresh eggs, my dad also weekly picks up our scraps from veggies, egg shells, and fruit ends to give snacks to there farm animals and to make a wonderful compost to use in there summer garden. It helps us here at true north cut back on our wasted product and give back a bit. I am so lucky to have them and dont worry they get to sample lots of the backed goods when they swing by for dropped offs.

Koza farms is now a sweet little farm close to downtown lagrange , ky. Koza is polish for goat, my mom being half polish she thought this was the perfect name for her little farm. Their farm houses goats, chickens, barn cats, horses, and a happy pig named Rosie! Dziekuje Koza !!

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